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TRS with Bathco: Casa Decor 2020 | The Room Studio

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TRS with Bathco: Casa Decor 2020


This week we will talk about another of our collaborations in this edition of Casa Decor. For the ‘Lost in Translation‘ hotel suite room area, we have trusted Bathco, a company that has been designing, manufacturing and marketing a wide range of bathroom products for 40 years, time in which your intuition and know-how have led them to cross borders. This brand stands out for its ability to incorporate the latest technological advances and innovative concepts into its work without forgetting its roots.

A fundamental part of Bathco’s business strategy is the continuous commitment to design, quality and innovation. Based on these three pillars, they continually develop new products that meet customer needs and adapt to changes in market trends, for which they collaborate assiduously with renowned industrial designers and research centers.

For the ‘Lost in Translation’ bathroom area, the Natural Series collection was used, which contains different materials. This is where the stone bathroom line stands out. In Bathco they are aware that all the stone contains a potential piece, you just have to empty it to find it. For this reason, specifically, the countertop and oval shaped basin was chosen that takes its inspiration from the Indian Ocean, a piece that bets on space, to expand the domains of water.

The most outstanding feature of this piece is the delicacy that transmits the thickness of the walls in each piece. The balance between the work of the designer Pascual Salvador and that of the expert craftsmen who manipulate the stone has managed to reduce the material as much as possible without losing its firmness, something that allows presenting a more attractive profile in the bathroom area. The Bathco stone comes from the Island of Java in Southeast Asia; region known as the main source of unique natural stones, especially valued in the interior design world. The perfect combination of methods of manual, artisanal work, with mechanical processes using the latest technology tools, allows us to offer high quality, practically unique parts.

The piece selected to incorporate it into the design of our suite room fits perfectly with the rest of the elements used. Thank you very much to all the Bathco team for trusting in our project and for their support during the process. See you on the 8th at the new reopening of Casa Decor with a great desire to see you all at Lost In Translation. We hope you have a great week!

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Author: Meritxell Ribé