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The Solar Revolution. Part I | The Room Studio


The Solar Revolution. Part I


I do photosynthesis. And you? If you are also a little plant, here are some tips to unleash chlorophyll without leaving home.

How can we get the maximum natural light in our home? What factors should we consider?

Natural light is essential for the development of life. The sun, in addition to being the main source of energy, provides light and heat. The orientation and height of a home are factors of great relevance, which directly affect thermal and light comfort. Nothing you don’t know, but do you give it the importance it deserves?

These factors condition how you inhabit that space. They are probably the ones that make the difference between space and home. We invite you to reflect on all this.

First step: know your house.

  • What floor is your home on? Do you have taller buildings that prevent direct exposure to sunlight?

Multiply by 3m each floor, to give you an idea “approximate” of the real height at which it is in relation to the street.

At first it may seem irrelevant, but as happens to trees and plants, the higher the stem or the top of a tree reaches, the more light it receives. The same happens in our homes.

  • If you have the privilege of enjoying a great entrance of natural light, take advantage of it!
    • Condition the space with systems that allow you to sift the light input and regulate its flow depending on the season or the time of day. To do this, it combines fabrics of different thicknesses. The opaque solutions will allow you to thermally insulate your home during the most intense hours or when you are not at home, they are complementary solutions, never exclusive to each other.
  • If this is not the case, play your cards!
    • Very light fabrics that provide style and complete the space without subtracting light. To preserve privacy, it uses vaporous fabrics of very little weight, you can associate them with others of greater thickness with a beautiful fall at a decorative level, combining them.
    • The mirrors are also great allies of light, located in front of windows or light entrances, they will return large doses of light to the room, in addition to dressing the walls and completing the decoration. In areas of passage or narrow places, they generate a feeling of spaciousness.
    • Indirect lighting, if your home does not have natural light, let yourself be advised with a technical lighting project. This is essential for any home, but in those that do not have a good orientation will make a huge difference, in the hours of the day. With a studied indirect lighting you can compensate for that shortage of natural light.

To be continued…

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Author: Eva Gutierrez