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The Solar Revolution. Part III | The Room Studio


The Solar Revolution. Part III


Continuing with the series of ‘The Solar Revolution’, do you have any outdoor space?

Take advantage, be it a balcony, a terrace or a garden.

  • The balcony: I want-and-I-can’t so urban. Do not despise those precious square centimeters. The less is more for the balcony is not worth it. Let’s go up!
    • Place suspended pots on the railing (always inside), on the walls …
    • Take care of your plants! Make them happy, they are very grateful! They bring smell, colors and joy. It combines aromatic plants, flowering plants at different times of the year, some leafy to cover the walls and provide that green we miss in the city. Fill your balcony with plants!
    • A set of folding chairs and bistrôt table, for breakfast, for dinner…
    • Illuminate!: a photovoltaic lamp, some lanterns …
  • The yard or terrace: For many people they are difficult spaces, sometimes ungrateful. They often end up careless and in disuse. May it not happen to you! All spaces have potential.
    • Choose simple materials that convey serenity, unpretentious.
    • You can zoning the space with different pavements according to use.
    • Awnings will protect you. From the eyes of others if you are exposed in a yard, or from the sun if you are on the roof.
    • Let yourself be advised by a plant expert: The more information you provide, the better. Orientation, surface, if there are buildings around that cast shadow (and how many floors), if you can take photos. Plant development takes time, but it is a safe bet. Persevere, you will not regret it!
    • Good lighting: Some pickets illuminating the vegetation from the base up, will give a dramatic effect, revealing a different facet of the same space. You will also gain in visual depth, from inside the house. Diversify with other sources of light that allow you to create more scenes: candles, rescued lanterns and good direct lighting for the table.
  • The garden: Major words. Our advice is that you put yourself in the hands of an expert (an office like ours, for example, can offer you the services of Exteriorists and Landscapers). Whether you are looking for advice only to follow the guidelines that you set, as if you want the integral project and its execution. Don’t get into a garden (you alone)! A garden can be a life project, and it can be exciting.
    • Do you know the differences between an English and a French garden? They are two languages and two ways of understanding beauty in vegetation that are totally opposite. A key: Are you from Downton Abbey or Versailles? We invite you to find out!
    • And if you want to continue exploring … go step further, do you know any Japanese garden? It is a conceptual leap … From the West to the East, yes, in the direction of the sun!

We promise it will continued…

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Author: Eva Gutierrez