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The Solar Revolution. Part II | The Room Studio


The Solar Revolution. Part II


Taking up the first part of ‘The Solar Revolution’, what orientation do the different rooms of my home have?

The sun rises in the east and sets in the west.” Have you ever stopped to think about this popular phrase? It basically translates into the following sun exposure:

  • In the morning you will have Eastern light. The east is the best friend of the early risers, and is an ideal orientation for those rooms in which we spend the first hours of the day (a kitchen, bedrooms…), always depending on what lifestyle we lead!
  • In the early afternoon, from the South. The south orientation has a good reputation, but again it depends on the weather. The south is an ideal orientation for winter, which helps to warm the house and lift the mood on winter days, but if the windows are too big or if the weather is very hot, in summer they can be an excessive source of exposure and heat.
  • In the afternoon, from the West. The west is the lover of Sunday afternoons, of the long summer dinners that begin with a snack and a promising sunset. Ideal for socialization stays.
  • The north orientation has a bad reputation (sometimes undeserved), due to its zero direct exposure to the sun. However, in very hot climates, having some windows to the north can be beneficial to open outside on hot afternoons and to establish cross vents that can help improve the thermal sensation.
    • *What is cross ventilation? Open windows located in different orientations, which allow regenerating stale air and even generating air currents. If your local air quality is correct, ventilating is one of the healthiest things you can do to improve the environment. But pay attention if there is external contamination, in that case it will be more appropriate to study air filtration systems that allow you to enjoy healthy air and reduce energy consumption.

To be continued…

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Author: Eva Gutierrez