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The Solar Revolution. Final part | The Room Studio


The Solar Revolution. Final part


To finish with the delivery ‘The Solar Revolution’ we will give way to the final chapter.

Second step: know yourself, how do you live the space?

  • How do the seasons affect you? And to your home?

The Earth is flattened by the poles, and revolves around itself and around the sun.

All this translates into the four seasons. It is the duration of the days that guides the cycles of nature and our rhythm. Autumn, winter, spring and summer.

    • Autumn: Blanket, sofa and movie season in the living room; infusion and reading by the window; a good wool carpet where you can listen music…
    • Winter: Quilts and bedding under which to take refuge. Orange juice and thick socks; Breakfast by the radiator by the window… you need light!
    • Spring: Prints, the first plants on the balcony, fresh flowers at home… Need to open windows and regenerate the air. Remove the blankets from the whole house, replace them with light linen plaids or throws … what do you want to make the change of closet! You are more active and free from hibernation in recent months.
    • Summer: Terrace. If it is not a brunch, it is a picnic and if you do not have dinner with friends. Candles, plants, fans, open windows, light textiles, everything is warm!

Solar attention pro level: Keep in mind that in summer the sun goes higher than in winter, so its incidence inside the house changes. Pay attention and see how it changes month by month!

  • Do you work at home?
    • Choose a space with natural light for your desk, and reserve some space dedicated to your “office.” It will help you to establish schedules and even zoning your professional and personal life … All this without giving up the great luxury of being able to move around the house, make yourself a snack at any time or wear a shirt and pajama pants in your Skype meetings.
    • Surround yourself with plants! Especially if they are the only living beings with what you share the space in the long working days. It is not a myth: plants keep company. You can talk to them, water them or simply watch their growth while resting your computer view.
    • Remember that order is essential to rest your senses, a good storage system will help you.
  • Am I nocturnal or daytime? What orientation to choose for the night zone and the day zone.
  • Am I introspective or sociable? If you want a large living room or a large bedroom or everything!
  • When do I spend more time at home? During the week or during the weekend… at what time?
  • Am I kitchenettes and gourmande or as always away from home? The kitchen can be the epicenter of the house or a residual satellite..
  • Am I aquatic or rainfed? The importance that the bathroom has for you: ritual or routine?
  • Am I more country than poppies?

Alert! If you have been reflecting and answering all these questions… you may decide to make radical decisions, listen!

  • Move the bedroom to the living room?
  • Open the kitchen to the balcony?
  • Give up a bedroom to transform it into a dressing room?
  • Transform two simple bathrooms into a good bathroom with shower, bathtub and natural light?
  • Or something very subversive: Reduce the master bedroom to the slightest expression… to give those meters to the great hall of your dreams!
  • And if you have answered the last question in the affirmative… why not turn your house towards that much appreciated outer space?


Everything is possible. Take a breath, exhale CO2 and let that sunbeam come through the window. The time has come for the solar revolution. And if you need us, here we are, at your service. Happy week!

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Author: Eva Gutierrez