In the Interior Design Project, a study is carried out on the distribution of rooms and furniture, their location and their dimensions. It is essential to specify where each element is located and how to illuminate these areas.

All the materials that have to dress the floors, ceilings, walls and we specify bathrooms and kitchens are thought out. The home is created based on the premises of its owners and adjusts to the lifestyle and needs of the Client.

Interior Design | The Room Studio

Monapart Barcelona

Meritxell and Josep are a great team: creative, talented and reliable. They are also experts in home automation and the integration of technology in the home.


Maria Galán

Meeting Meritxell and Josep has been fantastic. I have been able to work with them and they are magnificent professionals in the world of Interior Design and Architecture. In addition, they are excellent people, something that together with their professional talent is basic and makes things much easier on a day-to-day basis.


Angel Modrego

An excellent job done. During those months of pandemic I have remembered a lot about you, having been able to enjoy the house as we had proposed. Thanks Josep and Meritxell.


Miquel Simó

A great team with impressive jobs.


Momocca Design

Wonderful team of professionals! They are very easy to work with. His good work is reflected in each of his projects! Highly recommended!


Marcos Romero

We shared with The Room Studio a great experience when they accepted our commission to remodel MitroBCN. His interior project for our space perfectly captured our personality and its execution was impeccable.


Patricia Targarona

The Room Studio team exceeded all our expectations, leaving us a unique, beautiful and cozy home. Since you start working with them, you enjoy every moment, they are charming. They take care of every detail and the finish is perfect. To highlight the creativity, personality and style that Meritxell Ribé prints to each project. We are delighted.


Fermin Colomes

Professionals, with constantly evolving good ideas, are surprised by their nonconformity and the constant search for the next step. Also, they are nice and friendly. Come on, you can’t ask for more.