Colorful Exhibition in The Room Studio


From November 34th 2017 to February 14th 2018, The Room Studio will display the latest work from artist Sol Fábrega.

Once again, Sol Fábrega explores themes such as memory and recollection in his intimate and personal paintings, which employ traditional techniques in new and innovative ways.

This collection entitled “El Olvido” aims to explore the human ability to return to one’s origins in order to rediscover oneself.

Comprised of 14 large-scale pieces, “El Olvido” demonstrates Fábrega’s new level of experimentation with canvas and paint.

Throughout the evolution of his creative technique, Fábrega has been defined by his sincere and authentic style. It’s been 30 years since he left the Faculty of Fine Arts in Barcelona, where he learned engraving and restoration techniques. Since these formative years, Fábrega has developed his awareness of process, manipulating materials, playing with color, experimenting with smell, and exploring the relationship between density and layering.

The title, “El Olvido”, references the painter’s own study of ancient and often forgotten techniques, and their ability to transform the canvas. He explores shapes and forms from previous eras, referencing symbols and pictorial elements of traditional Mediterranean landscapes. However, in his work, iconic references are hidden under carefully crafted layers of acrylic paint. Thus, Fábregas becomes a composer, exploring the complex interplay between color and shape. However, Fábregas does not leave the layers dense and heavy. Instead, he later employs various techniques to erode these layers, allowing fragments of the original image to come through the layers – authentic ruins of the pictorial landscape.

In Fábrega own words, “the painting is finished when it is quiet”. His paintings are noteworthy for their enormous power and their compositional balance. They have a tactile quality, and seem to change with each new viewing. In this way, Fábrega explores the relationship between memory and sensory experience, as often happens with music or perfume.

We look forward to seeing you at our gallery at 171 Calle Paris to enjoy the collection “El Olvido”.

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Author: Meritxell Ribé