Meritxell Ribé Modol, interiorista y decoradora en Barcelona, nació en Lleida el 1977, estudió en la Escuela Superior de Diseño Bau de Barcelona e inició su trayectoria profesional en diferentes estudios de interiorismo, decoradores y arquitectura de la ciudad. En 2005 crea su propio estudio de interiorismo y desde entonces ha proyectado diferentes proyectos tanto de vivienda privada como de espacios profesionales. Como interiorista y decoradores en Barcelona, a partir de un servicio individualizado para cada cliente se ofrece la posibilidad de contratar diferentes opciones: desde un asesoramiento de espacios, colores, iluminación o diseño de mobiliario hasta el desarrollo de un proyecto integral de interiorismo y dirección de obras. Su filosofía de trabajo incluye un trabajo en equipo de decoradores y una concepción del espacio desde una visión real de las necesidades de cada cliente creando espacios con una atmósfera c&acaute;lida y personalizada. Decoradores en Barcelona.


Colorful Exhibition in The Room Studio


From 24 November 2017 to 14 February 2018, The Room Studio will host the exhibition of Sol Fabrega’s latest work.

Sol Fábrega exhibits again with an intimate and personal production, which means the revitalization and memory of forgotten techniques.

Under the title of “El Olvido”, the artist’s latest series is a production of great purity, which aims to demonstrate the ability of the human being to return to his origins in order to make the best of himself.

Formed by a total of 14 large-sized pieces, El Olvido’s series takes Sol Fábrega to a new point of experimentation with canvas and painting.

Sol Fábrega is characterized by a sincere, authentic work, perfectly recognizable within the natural evolution of its creative style. The artist has more than 30 years of career since she left the Faculty of Fine Arts in Barcelona in the 80s, where she also learned the techniques of engraving and restoration. Since his formative epoch, Sol Fábrega has become aware of the process of creation through the manipulation of the elements that allow the materialization of works of art: smearing oneself with the inks, discovering smells, investigating with the density of the material layers… these are acts that form an indissoluble part of the artist’s profession.

The title of El Olvido starts from its evolution, since it evokes the painter’s memory of the ancient technique and how it is capable of transforming it. Thus, some of his paintings continue with the repetition of signs and forms from the previous epoch, which had become authentic symbols in line with the ancient pictorial traditions of the Mediterranean peoples. But now any possible iconic reference remains under layers of acrylic paint that the artist places in detail, acting almost like a composer who works with very clean color coverings. However, Sol Fábregas does not finish its paint manipulation work by applying colors that have become dense, heavy. The artist lightens them, including later wear and tear, allowing fragments of painting to be seen under the layers, authentic remains of the pictorial fact.

In the words of Sol Fábrega,”the painting is finished when it is still”. His painting stands out for its enormous strength and compositional balance. A tactile painting, which is touched with the eyes and which allows the spectator to see a new painting every time he approaches it. The painter’s art has the ability to bring us a new sensation from memory, as happens with perfume or music.

We are waiting for you at our Gallery Store in Calle Paris 171 to enjoy the series “El Olvido”.

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Author: Meritxell Ribé