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Sensory intimacy. The senses


There are places that fill us with brightness, but there are also places that throw us down. Other places tell us stories and, why not, those that transcend it. There are places that fill us with memories and places that transport us to feelings. There are hundreds of places constantly in tune with our emotions, they invite us to become intimate with our senses and form an intangible connection that results in sensory well-being.

Each place that surrounds us has a certain energy charge that impacts directly or indirectly on us. This energy load is due to the sum of the elements that make up that place. Each element brings a spatial contribution that can be positive or negative and we know that the most important factor in the interaction with space is our own senses. The elements that tune into each of them are those that weave the bridge to sensory intimacy and create the emotional impact.

Taking these statements to our daily lives, if it were to create the interior space of your home or even your workplace, the harmony and impact of any space you want to create will be proportional to the way you tune your senses. The senses seek harmony, balance and emotion. Everything you bring into space that is outside of this multisensory search will impact your own life experience in a positive way.

Sight. We cannot ask the eye to get excited about the texture of the natural wood that a table has, but we know that the eye is impressed when it captures the leaves of the trees in a play of light and shadow. The eye is enriched with that ray of natural light, but it is not able to connect with the heat transmitted by that same ray. The eye observes that play of colors for the harmony it perceives at a distance, not for the connection in the contact.

Touch. They say that touch is the organ of closeness, intimacy and affection. While the eye maintains distance, touch approaches and caresses. There is an energetic presence in touch that involves materiality and weight; but even more to the nature that is in them. The oak wood of the dining room beams or that stone on the house facade, there is nothing that does not attract my attention. There are atmospheres of intimacy and warmth that are the product of those textures that were worked for the skin and hand.

Hearing. The ear. If we talk about the ear we will realize that we are not very aware of the meaning it has, but just remember the acoustic void of an abandoned house compared to the strong energy that surrounds a lived house. A house located in the middle of the city, next to a construction site, probably steals our peace with sounds of rejection; while one located in front of the sea speaks of the immensity of the ocean through the sounds of waves and wind.

Taste. As for taste, the ambiguity is stronger. Perhaps it is because taste is rather linked to human experiences rather than tuning. The taste of the morning coffee that connects you to a moment of peace or hot chocolate on a winter Sunday sharing with your family in the living room at home.

Smell. This sense tops the list of senses that plays with memories. We will not remember much of the house of our childhood, but the aroma of home that invaded it. It is said that the nose makes the eyes remember and I have verified that olfactory experience that marks each space where I once was. The smell of my house flowers or watered plants.

The relationship and interaction of these five senses enrich us with the memorable experience of the space we inhabit. And if there are any doubts, then there are images that reveal it. Have a great week!

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Author: Luciana Espinola