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How much it costs to renovate a house?


How do you know how much it costs to renovate a house? We will tell you the 7 essential points that you should take into account.

On a daily basis we come across many questions from users such as: how much does an interior designer cost?, how much does a complete renovation of a flat cost?, what is the price per m2 of a property?, how much does it cost to hire a decorator?… We are sorry to be so honest and direct with you, but the truth is that there is no definitive answer to any of them.

If you are asking yourself all these questions, it is because you have already realised that you need an interior designer or decorator in your life, and congratulations! Many people don’t know the difference between the two and the work that an interior designer does. If you are part of this team, we explain the importance of their role in this link. If you already know, read on!

The work carried out by an interior designer depends on many factors, so the budget or price is determined by them. It is normal to find prices that vary greatly from one professional to another because, in addition to the work carried out, the experience and the type of projects that each one carries out must be measured.

If you find yourself lost among so many, don’t worry! Here are the most important and relevant points to take into account when hiring your interior designer:

  1. This has nothing to do with your invoice, but it is essential to have good harmony and complicity with your interior designer in order to understand each other when carrying out your project.
  2. When you receive the fee for your project, bear in mind that you are paying for the creativity and experience of the entire team you choose. Behind these figures there is a long history and many projects behind them. Do you prefer a professional with a long experience and an impeccable vision? Or do you prefer to cut costs and not get the house you expected?
  3. The good relations with the construction company. If you need to carry out building work and the approval of licenses, it is essential that the team of interior designers and the company executing the project have a very fluid communication. This will make it possible to ensure that everything is carried out as designed and that there are no surprises (and more costs) along the way.
  4. The list of industrialists. It is very important that the team of interior designers that you work with have industrial professionals that you can trust. This will ensure good installations and that the finishing touches are top notch.
  5. Trust in the work of Interior Designers. They will give you the best options for the layout and design of your home according to your list of needs and habits. The house must be designed by and for you, so it is indisputable that it meets all your requirements and adapts to your daily life.
  6. Use quality materials. Let yourself be advised on the choice of materials and finishes for every corner of the house, but remember that you have the last word! After all, your house has to represent you and has to be designed according to your style. Invest in quality and don’t be tempted to cut costs and reduce the price, because in the long run you will be grateful for it.
  7. The furniture of your dreams. As you already know, the role of an interior designer can extend to the selection of all the furniture and accessories for your home. Therefore, when hiring your interior designer, it is very important that you take into account the brands they work with and their suppliers. This is where you can save on costs with a good professional profile, as there are some professionals who work directly with the design brands (so the client benefits from this), and others who do not.

We could sum up the question at the beginning of the blog – How do you know how much it costs to renovate a house? – with: it is relative. From The Room Studio we work with each project as unique, so we believe that you can not set a price. Each project is different, its Owners are different and the needs are unique and personal. The most effective is to call directly to the professional that you feel closest to you and, when receiving a quote, take into account the 7 criteria above, it will help you in your choice!

For any questions or queries you can write to us at:, happy week Roomers!

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Author: Meritxell Ribé