Meritxell Ribé Modol, interiorista y decoradora en Barcelona, nació en Lleida el 1977, estudió en la Escuela Superior de Diseño Bau de Barcelona e inició su trayectoria profesional en diferentes estudios de interiorismo, decoradores y arquitectura de la ciudad. En 2005 crea su propio estudio de interiorismo y desde entonces ha proyectado diferentes proyectos tanto de vivienda privada como de espacios profesionales. Como interiorista y decoradores en Barcelona, a partir de un servicio individualizado para cada cliente se ofrece la posibilidad de contratar diferentes opciones: desde un asesoramiento de espacios, colores, iluminación o diseño de mobiliario hasta el desarrollo de un proyecto integral de interiorismo y dirección de obras. Su filosofía de trabajo incluye un trabajo en equipo de decoradores y una concepción del espacio desde una visión real de las necesidades de cada cliente creando espacios con una atmósfera c&acaute;lida y personalizada. Decoradores en Barcelona.

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Orac Decor at Gira space | The Room Studio

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Orac Decor at Gira space


As we already told you last week, we would like to continue talking in more detail about the collaborating brands in our project ‘Lost in Translation’ in this 55th edition of Casa Decor. This post will deal with indirect lighting and Orac Decor® moldings, where we have formed the perfect tandem in the Gira Space.

For those who do not know it, the ORAC firm is an international benchmark in the world of moldings, always developing new processes applying the latest technologies, high demands on the quality of our products and innovative designs. The result is a complete collection designed by and for passionate professionals with a creative spirit and who love innovative and easy-to-install products.

It is a collection that allows you to create inspiring and unique spaces: from skirting boards, multifunctional moldings and profiles with indirect lighting to columns with character. Modern and quality solutions, functional and decorative. With ORAC it is possible to turn any space into something unique, in line with our style and personality, without limits of creativity.

That is why we decided to work with this team to develop our perfect idea for our hotel suite room. The existing false ceiling that was already covered and was covered was used for the upper area. A dome feel was created by shaping it with the combination of two ORAC cornices. This is specifically the C990 Cornice overlapped with the SX181 multifunctional plinth. It is a large and asymmetrical C-shaped cornice piece that gives the space a wider feeling. In addition, overlapping with the multifunctional plinth, and thanks to indirect lighting, a perfect proportionality is achieved that frames the space and contributes to generating a unique atmosphere. For this reason, the sensation of greater majesty was added, emphasizing the height, lengthening the cornice to the backing and illuminating with the adjustable led towards the ceiling. In addition, this effect also helps us to the fluidity of sound throughout the room creating a harmonious environment that allows modifying the temperature and color range of the light.

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Regarding the area close to the ground, a panel illuminated skirting board W110 was placed. The volume of the parallel lines of the Hill 3D panel of Orac Decor®, designed by Orio Tonini, is illuminated at the bottom of the room thanks to the LED technology. In addition to being aesthetically beautiful, these panels are very practical because they have high resistance to water and shock, they are easy to paint and to install. The indirect lighting of the plinth, like that of the cornices, adapts to the guest depending on their mood, needs and selected scene.

Thank you very much to ORAC for collaborating in this very special project for us. We thank you for the trust and involvement that this spectacular hotel suite leaves us as a result. Happy week to all and we hope to see you as soon as Casa Decor opens its doors again! Meanwhile … #TheRoomersEnCasa

Author: Meritxell Ribé