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Lost in Translation. Part I | The Room Studio

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Lost in Translation. Part I


As many of you already know, this year at The Room Studio we have had the great pleasure of being part of the 55th edition of Casa Decor by the hand of our GIRA friends. In space number 13 of the first floor of Velázquez 21 you can find ‘Lost in Translation’, a luxury hotel suite where you can experience sensations with the senses through the use of home automation.

This Project has been developed to be able to demonstrate that by simply using a button the guest can modify the atmosphere of the room through the magic provided by the study of light and the other elements that we find in the room. In a matter of a few seconds and without moving inside the room, we can experience a sunrise with daylight through a “Good morning” atmosphere or relax in a “Relax” scene where the warmth of the light and the ambient music transmit serenity.

 | The Room Studio
 | The Room Studio
 | The Room Studio

As we mentioned before, the space is divided into two environments: the entrance area and the bedroom area. We differentiate them thanks to the use of different natural pavements. At the entrance, large-format black marble Turquia is provided by Estudio Arqué. In contrast, in the night area, we have used an oiled natural oak wood from Avawood, first in Spain. With a groundbreaking and unique design created by Raphael Navot, the drawing created by its different patterns gives it exclusivity at the same time as naturalness and extreme resistance. The socket that surrounds both environments is Orac Decor brand playing with LEDs that allow you to modify both the intensity and color of the light.

Both environments are unified under the same ceiling illuminated perimeter through a dynamic LED that changes the temperature of the light depending on the scene created. Two cornices from Orac Decor are combined vertically by the wall to emphasize the sensation of height. The whole set is given a hydraulic lime treatment with natural pigments supplied by Valentine.

As for the wall coverings, they are distributed in a sequence of walnut wood slats with finishes of different materials: natural walnut with a matt finish, hidden mirrors supplied by Divah Baños that make a game of reflections throughout the room and that hide a television. The shower area is covered with a vitreous ceramic tiling The Hamptons cherry color model of Ape Grupo. Finally, in the closet area the wall is covered with a decorative mural paper of the Inkiostro Bianco brand.

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 | The Room Studio
 | The Room Studio

For the separation of both environments a bed head has been designed covered by the day area by means of mirrors, giving the feeling that the bed disappears. On the side of the bed, the headboard is covered by Gancedo upholstery. The space is closed with two curved and curved glass Divah Baños that accompany the guest in the day area to the room and makes the bed area more intimate.

In addition, in the entrance area we find an oval table designed by The Room Studio where we have combined the double function of sink and desk optimizing the space to the maximum. The countertop of the part for the bathroom area is Dekton de Cosentino and half for a desk area with walnut. All the taps used with gold finish and with an elegant aesthetic are of the Gessi brand, the mirror that separates both areas has also been designed by the Studio.

Finally, we would like to thank and thank all those who have collaborated in which ‘Lost in Translation’ has been able to be carried out and a spectacular result has been obtained. Stay tuned because in the next post we will talk more in detail about all the furniture chosen and the brands that have intervened to complete the suite room of the Gira space. Hope you liked it!

Author: Meritxell Ribé