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Introducing Cuero Design


This week we want to talk about a great discovery, a warm company with a new vision… Do you want to know it?

Cuero Design is a company that has wanted to renew and improve products made with natural leather. It began when Lars Kjersatadius was captivated by the incredible design of the world-famous Butterfly chair. This model was originally composed of leather and steel. This fact would mark the starting point of the creation of Cuero Design.

His great admiration led him to devote ten years of his life to improve the ergonomics and style of this model. Finally he created the brand in which we can find this comfortable and spectacular Argentine redesign among others.

It is a company that is committed to contact with nature no matter how technical we can become. They strive to create special details and there is a close relationship between nature and art.

In addition to making different versions of the Butterfly adapted to the XXI century, Cuero Design creates all kinds of products made in this material with a thickness never before used. There is the possibility of being able to mark the leather with our initials or any personalized design, looking for the inheritance of this unique piece from generation to generation.

Its objective is to provide the greatest comfort to its products, without losing the correlation along with aesthetics and comfort. Starting with the improvement of the iconic Argentine chair, we currently find different versions made with different materials adapting to the needs of its users. In addition to this, they have also created other articles using leather: from desk chairs, side tables, stools, etc.

If you are looking for a durable model, with personality and unique, in The Room Studio we always recommend this type of furniture. It will become one of the leading pieces of the space and can be placed in any corner making it more special, as in the middle of a large room.

We hope you liked our weekly recommendation. Thank you!

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Author: Meritxell Ribé