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Interview with Pati Baztán | The Room Studio


Interview with Pati Baztán


Pati Baztán’s style is abstract expressionism. She seeks not to mean anything, but to paint with intuition as the driving force. Her work is focused on the search for emotion, outside of aesthetics or realism. He looks for emotion.

He would focus a lot on details that he liked in the pictures he painted: a stain, a color, a stroke… and he would focus on this and make it into a new large painting. And so, little by little, he got into abstraction. And with this he looks for very powerful sensations.

He uses a paint based on natural pigments with water, with a satin appearance, which contrasts with the matte of the cotton canvas that he leaves in the air, he never paints white but it is the canvas itself, like a bone that is left in the air, and the pigment that he builds on top he compares it to an organic skin, with its wrinkles and its smooth parts of youth.

The paintings have no varnish, no collage? there is nothing attached. It is a painting that has more acrylic resins and latex, but the base is water and pigments. Sometimes it looks like there is a plastic hooked but it is a mark, and in some cases they form letters to the paintings that can only be seen against the light, and it says “hidden messages”.

The painting of the staircase upstairs is from a collection called Fallas and has some silk threads that he found in a house of the sixteenth century, which today are not found, and that hold the different parts of the painting, only joined by the threads, which are structural, not just decorative.

The last work he has painted is the triptych on the 2nd floor, with orange, dark blue colors… until now he was more interested in the full and empty spaces, the density of the paint in contrast with the canvas in the air… and now he focuses more on the colors, the gradients, how he plays with the transitions.

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Author: Meritxell Ribé