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Interview with the flower artist Jordi Vilà | The Room Studio


Interview with the flower artist Jordi Vilà


Flower creator, is a renowned Catalan artist whose vocation comes from very young. Flowers are his passion, they connect him to his roots and thanks to them he has learned to interpret the tastes and floral needs of his clients. He makes each work a unique and personal project, each of his works tells a story in which flowers and the nature of the environment become the main protagonists.

– What was the reason that introduced you in the world of floral art? Nature, skies and mountains, fields, trees and flowers with their colors, shapes and textures, is an innate interest. At the time I decided to learn more to turn it into my future.

Have you always been clear that you wanted to dedicate yourself to this? How were your beginningsNo… I started as comercial for Dutch wholesalers, we worked with fresh flowers for florists from Barcelona and Girona. In those three years I learned two things: the most technical part of the product, names and more; and to observe the flowers to control the opening process, something really essential. It was in the early 90’s, when I had the opportunity to meet a lot of florists of the time. Some of them were my first teachers, indifferent to the looks of a boy with only 21 years. I remember with special admiration Carme d’Olot.

– Where does inspiration come from when it comes to making your projects? What is your creative process? (laughts) At any time, circumstance, observation and need. I laugh for an anecdote… In a serious intervention for Mireia and Joan, an assistant misunderstood the placement of some smillax. When I saw the result, I wanted to die, but eh voliá: his accident became a new idea with a spectacular ending that only one brain could have imagined at that precise moment. A reliable team is a good tool to do a reaction of creativity.

– Where do you find the materials to use in your creations? From different origiins, depending on each intervention, I am fascinated the local and wild.

– What has been your most representative or important work? When I received the call from the Salvador Dalí Foundation, accepting the project to interpret the original idea of genius in its pendulum lamps of siempreviva. It was his floral offering to Gala in her Púbol castle and they were pull out from his land in Portlligat and manipulated by his team under his supervision.

– If you could be one of your works, what would you be? Why? Thinking further one of my works, a beautiful dream is to be a seed in the desert, of those who wait for years for rain and after the storm they cover the desert with a sea of flowers.

– What are you looking for with each of your projects? Interact, imagine to provoke emotion.

– How would you describe your works, what do they tell about you? I try to express for each intervention, the information and memories that are in my memory of the plants. Then each one has its own story, hugs, chills, silences…

– What do you consider the most influential artist in your career? Cristóbal Balenciaga.

– What difficulties have you found throughout your career? How have you overcome it? The difficulties have to be transformed into new opportunities. Reinventing yourself is part of life, difficulty or effort?

– Currently, what projects do you have on hand? A prosperous 2018 is presented with fresh ideas for all those who have trusted me to manage their intervention, there will be varied and disparate.

– What is your vision about Taller Montana? I hope to continue with this spirit partly rebellious, partly dreamer who likes to surprise and provoke vibration, without limits of effort. And also, to be able to continue with all my team.

– Could you give some advice to young artists who want to enter in this world? Listen and answer with your view, easy to understand and elegant. They have to fight for every angle, there are always eyes that will appreciate their creations. Those have been my guidelines to develop my creativity.

Many thanks to Jordi Vilà and his entire team for their dedication and work and to thank each one of their works that we have been able to enjoy in our Espai París.

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Author: Meritxell Ribé