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Interview with the designer Fina Badia | The Room Studio


Interview with the designer Fina Badia


A designer with a degree in Fashion from the University of Southampton, she obtained a Bachelor of Arts with Honors in her career with the specialization in knits in 1996. She worked for more than 20 years as a knit specialist, creating collections for numerous brands and practicing as a teacher in the Universities of Fashion in the specialty of Knit Technology since the year 2000. In 2011 creates Fina Badia | Knit Studio for its adoration to the knit, where all the products are handmade in Barcelona using national and European origin materials. The brand has managed to sensitize, empathize and connect with the user; understanding the product and knowing how to locate it in each environment.

– Who is Fina Badia? I am passionate about the knit and decoration.

– How were your beginnings in the world of design? It goes back to my childhood watching my grandmother Antonia weave… years passed without devoting interest. Then, I studied the career of Fashion Design specializing in knits and all those years of childhood regained meaning. Fina Badia | Knit Studio was created thanks to the experience of more than 20 years dedicated to technology and knit design applied to fashion, to previous university training and to my personal needs to take the knit beyond fashion.

– What aspects of your work are you most passionate about? Provide warmth to the spaces by dressing them with unique designs made to measure.

– How important is creativity in design? In my case, Fina Badia | Knit Studio, creativity and originality is total and absolute. All my pieces are own developments and own creativity. Creativity works as an engine that drives everything I do.

– What or who has been the most important influence for your work? It is a natural evolution, after having been working 20 years in the world of the knit.

– What does your brand offer that makes it unique and special? If I had to describe my work in three adjectives it would be: genuine, forceful and warm.

– Why are the materials in a project so important? For durability and aesthetics.

– To what extent are your origins reflected when it comes to creating your products? After 20 years working in the world of the knits, Fina Badia | Knit Studio was born as a natural evolution . In this sense, it would not exist without the previous experience of 20 years in the sector and the training as a designer with the knitting technique.

– Tell us about your best project. Do you have a design that you have hidden in a drawer? A terrace and a porch in Porto Vecchio (Corse). There are always designs in mind, constantly.

– Some incorrigible mania? The perfectionism. 

– You are collaborating on a beautiful project with the Sant Joan de Déu Hospital, can you tell us a little more? The solidary heart was born with the objective of raising funds for the investigation of childhood cancer. It is a solidary initiative, something personal, and I encourage you to acquire one of them for the benefit of Sant Joan de Déu.

– As you mentioned, you combine the work of design with that of teaching, how are the new generations of designers? The preparation or training of the new generations is as demanding as that of previous generations, the opportunities however are minor.

– Finally, if you had to give advice to one of your students, what would it be? Above all, work with a spirit of sacrifice, be passionate about what they do and be very excited.

Many thanks to Fina Badia for sharing her experiences and designs with us, as well as the precious project she collaborates with. We hope to help and get the maximum support of this initiative for the Sant Joan de Déu Hospital.
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Author: Meritxell Ribé