Meritxell Ribé Modol, interiorista y decoradora en Barcelona, nació en Lleida el 1977, estudió en la Escuela Superior de Diseño Bau de Barcelona e inició su trayectoria profesional en diferentes estudios de interiorismo, decoradores y arquitectura de la ciudad. En 2005 crea su propio estudio de interiorismo y desde entonces ha proyectado diferentes proyectos tanto de vivienda privada como de espacios profesionales. Como interiorista y decoradores en Barcelona, a partir de un servicio individualizado para cada cliente se ofrece la posibilidad de contratar diferentes opciones: desde un asesoramiento de espacios, colores, iluminación o diseño de mobiliario hasta el desarrollo de un proyecto integral de interiorismo y dirección de obras. Su filosofía de trabajo incluye un trabajo en equipo de decoradores y una concepción del espacio desde una visión real de las necesidades de cada cliente creando espacios con una atmósfera c&acaute;lida y personalizada. Decoradores en Barcelona.

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What is the difference between an Interior Designer and a Decorator? | The Room Studio


What is the difference between an Interior Designer and a Decorator?


What is the difference between an Interior Designer and a Decorator? This is a very common question asked by most of the Clients who contact us. Many people don’t know the different functions that these two professional profiles perform. If you don’t know either, read on!

Let’s start by saying that both figures are essential to create unique spaces, they are complementary. Sometimes, the interior designer is also a decorator and even a stylist. We will begin to tell you their explanation following the order in which we would execute a project.

The Interior Designer looks for the best solution to make the most of every room in your home. They intervene when a Client needs a complete or partial renovation of their home, a change in the distribution of spaces, renovation of materials, choice of finishes and, most importantly, the adaptation of the property to their needs. This is why, initially, you should always start by drawing up the programme of needs of the Owners in order to be able to start creating and designing. On the plan, each of the rooms is readjusted according to its use or function and a study of the installations is carried out. As the spaces are readjusted, all the installations must be redistributed to ensure the functionality of each area. Small or large-scale building work can be carried out, which will allow the space to be adapted according to the initial programme.

Once all the spaces have been restructured, the Interior Designer then sets about specifying the new materials, lighting points, kitchen and bathroom design, chooses the finishes, selects the paint and/or decorative wallpaper, among others; obtaining the most practical solutions that fit in with the style and aesthetics required by the Clients.

Once all the interior design work has been completed, the figure of the Decorator comes in (or the Interior Designer starts the decoration project) to select all the furniture and decorative lighting for the entire home. This phase is designed to give a new aesthetic image and style to each room. Based on the interior design distribution, each space is studied to make a selection of furniture, lighting and textiles that will bring out the full potential of the home. If required by the client, we can even carry out the styling of the home, selecting all the accessories and decorative complements in detail.

We sometimes find that, no matter how much we change the decoration, the problem is more at the interior design level; and, on other occasions, there is a good distribution of the rooms but it is not accompanied by a good decoration project that makes the most of the potential of each space. For all these reasons, it is important to stress the importance of these two profiles when it comes to carrying out a project of ten.

We hope you have finished this article understanding the difference between an Interior Designer and a Decorator, we look forward to seeing you in the next article where we will answer another of the most frequently asked questions!

Author: Meritxell Ribé