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Incorporate the new technologies at home


TECHNOLOGY = COMFORT has become one of our essentials when it comes to making a project, we talk about the audiovisual rooms integrated into the houses. We can remember those afternoons that ended becoming a weekend ritual to go see our favorite films of the moment. With family or friends, but always with a big bag of popcorn, our cola drink and many emotions to spend the next few hours sitting watching the session.

As we already know everything evolves, it becomes more within our reach and offers us many more facilities. Therefore, today we can enjoy those fun afternoons without moving from home, meeting places and fun to share in our own home. Submerge on the screen and embraced in turn by the enveloping sound that makes us feel in the very fiction.

At The Room Studio we carry out well designed projects to execute this kind of rooms, since for us they are polyvalent spaces. Day living room, evening cinema and music room at night – we combine the best sound systems for even the best of audiophiles. With the home automation, by pressing a button you can feel in an incredible room of projections, you can also control lights and sounds; These are key points to generate all kinds of facilities and combinations in terms of possible environments. Incorporating these advances in our homes will allow us to be more connected with them and will bring us calm and tranquility, we merge the home automation without losing the sensibility of a good interior design achieving maximum comfort. We try to adapt the needs of each user interpreting and defining each desire to make it a useful and accessible reality.

We encourage all those who have the opportunity to incorporate these elements into their homes, new technologies will make you feel in a special and unique place. Next, we leave you some incredible images of projection rooms made in some projects by the Studio. Have a good week!

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Author: Meritxell Ribé