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Ideas to decorate the children´s bedrooms | The Room Studio


Ideas to decorate the children´s bedrooms


In today´s post we are going to talk about one of the most creative places at house, children´s rooms. These areas are the hiding places dreamed for kids, magical and colorful places that transmit fun and adventures. At the moment to decide how to decorate these rooms, it is very important to know the age of the child and the development phase for the selection of all the elements.

Let´s start with the walls, in The Room Studio we bet on plains and neutral colors; you can add textures by applying wallpaper or color on some of the principal walls. It is preferable to follow this guide because kids are in the phase of knowing themselves, so it will be easier modify other elements and maintain the same base.

In reference to furniture, the same ruler is following adding the organization and storage as a key point, designs as blank canvases that transmit lightness and cleanliness. Due to the amount of material and toys that they have, we opted for pieces with drawers and containers that are integrated, it should facilitate their access to children to learn and help at home. Details like chairs, poufs, table lamps, shelves, roalling cabinets and other little items can also help to add a different perspective.

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The centerpieces of these rooms are the accessories: hangers, cushions, bedspreads, rugs, baskets, curtains and other decorative elements will provide the fun and vitality that we are looking for.  These are easy accessories that can be changed easily and regularly; either in times of the year, by children´s growth, change of affections or a fresh change. Providing personality to these rooms is possible  by incorporating their names, favorite books or cartoon characters into textiles or corners.

Regarding the colors to choose, we should not be guided by the typical myths of pink or blue according to sex. On their way to maturity, we can exploit their creativity and imagination, add various colors and patterns, letting them include their contribution to the final design. For a child, his room should be a space for chill, fun and study.

To finish, we leave you some inspirational pictures of bedrooms for children that you can find in some of our projects. Playing and getting excited to design and decorate these places will be a guaranteed bet.

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 | The Room Studio
 | The Room Studio
Author: Meritxell Ribé