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GIRA’s domotics in Modern Times | The Room Studio

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GIRA’s domotics in Modern Times


Another new edition of Casa Decor is starting and, for the second consecutive year, The Room Studio participates with GIRA. In today’s post we tell you about all the systems that have been integrated in the office -Modern Times-, which allows it to become a user-friendly space. The home automation and audiovisual system has been fully adapted and can be controlled from any device, allowing different atmospheres to be created.

Below, we tell you about all the GIRA products you will find at Casa Decor:

The G1 Touchscreen. This device is the intelligent control centre for all KNX building technology. The clear multi-touch display allows all functions to be conveniently operated by touch or finger movement. It can be installed as a normal switch in a single switch box and is suitable for renovation and modernisation of residential buildings as well as for new buildings. With KNX Secure, this KNX control element, one of the first of its kind, provides greater data security in everyday life. Encryption protects communication between the Gira G1 and other KNX Secure-compatible devices and prevents manipulation. This allows ‘Modern Times’ to recreate different scenes to suit the user at any given time and according to his or her needs.

The Sensor 4 Push Button in matt white and anthracite. This new sensor convinces with its modern, high-quality design, authentic materials and pleasant feel. At the touch of a button, various KNX applications can be controlled centrally: light and lighting scenes, blinds, room temperature, entertainment and much more. The new touch sensor 4 is available in various models, materials and colours. The user can create different scenarios by simply pressing the push button. It is very easy to use as it can be graphically customised and it allows the user to indicate which scene corresponds to which button.

Finally, we find the E2 Mechanisms in matt white, which integrate perfectly into the space as part of the design. With a purist design and made with durable materials, they do not break the overall aesthetics created and allow to make the space more functional and technological. With a minimalist and timeless appearance, they combine perfectly with any decorative style. They are highly resistant to breakage and UV rays and have more than 300 functions of the Gira System 55.

Come and learn more about how GIRA’s technology is integrated in ‘Modern Times’ and see first-hand the design made for Casa Decor by The Room Studio. We look forward to seeing you on the 4th floor of the Tomás Allende’s House in Madrid!

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Author: Meritxell Ribé