Summer explosion in París


Art, light, color, nature and a lot of love to welcome summer.

Summer is always full of joy and life. It is a cherished time to enjoy small gatherings and good times with loved ones. Conversations in the moon light until the early morning hours and dinners with friends and family make summer days some of the happiest of the year.

In order to celebrate summer, we decided to replace the normal exhibition in Espai Paris, with one full of colors that evoke emotions and daydreams. We wanted something very special that could delight and surprise both visitors and passersby.

The gallery at Espai Paris has only a few elements but all are of the highest quality. We decided to replace the willow at the entrance with a large olive tree spray-painted hot pink, which is visible from the street during both day and night. Thanks to a collaboration with Miquel Alzueta Gallery, we were also able to display Edgar Plans’s magical and fantastical world of superheroes, through two of his large works (150 x 180 cm).

 | The Room Studio
 | The Room Studio
 | The Room Studio

Color can often give life to objects; it can evoke positive emotions and enhance the beauty of materials. Along with the explosion of color of the entrance, we exhibited two exceptional works by Antonio Gonzalez and Maria Yelletisch, each measuring 160 x 160 centimeters-squared. These two geometrical works have great seductive power, and are displayed alongside a collection of antique vases made out of of Danish natural wood. The rug is from The Rug Company via BSB Alfombras. On the wall, we installed a double GRAS Lamp – DCW Edition, next to it we placed a Neva Lounge armchair from Artisan.

These days, if any space can be deemed most important, it is the patio or the terrace. In this era, the terrace serves as witness to the most convivial and exciting moments. The refreshing, open, and versatile quality of the terrace allows it to become a joyful and magical place. Here, we can enjoy the weather and the surrounding nature in perfect comfort.

The pink and yellow cushions from from Pepe Peñalver are combined with the table and the Basket armchair from from Kettal. These pieces create a modern and relaxed atmosphere and provide a relaxing vantage point from which to enjoy the exhibitions in the gallery. Out front, there is a small garden meant to reinforce the refreshing style and give passersby a little escape from the city and into nature.

Our “Espai París” dazzles. We look forward to enjoying this lovely space with you.


Author: Meritxell Ribé