Meritxell Ribé Modol, interiorista y decoradora en Barcelona, nació en Lleida el 1977, estudió en la Escuela Superior de Diseño Bau de Barcelona e inició su trayectoria profesional en diferentes estudios de interiorismo, decoradores y arquitectura de la ciudad. En 2005 crea su propio estudio de interiorismo y desde entonces ha proyectado diferentes proyectos tanto de vivienda privada como de espacios profesionales. Como interiorista y decoradores en Barcelona, a partir de un servicio individualizado para cada cliente se ofrece la posibilidad de contratar diferentes opciones: desde un asesoramiento de espacios, colores, iluminación o diseño de mobiliario hasta el desarrollo de un proyecto integral de interiorismo y dirección de obras. Su filosofía de trabajo incluye un trabajo en equipo de decoradores y una concepción del espacio desde una visión real de las necesidades de cada cliente creando espacios con una atmósfera c&acaute;lida y personalizada. Decoradores en Barcelona.


Summer explosion in París


Art, light, color, nature and a lot of love to receive summer.

Summer is a time of joy and life. A temporary space to enjoy small parties and all those around us. Conversations in the moon light until the morning, dinners with friends and time with the family that make our day to day happy.

To celebrate, we decided to change the exhibition in Paris, for an exhibition full of fantasy and emotions of color. We wanted something very special, something that could delight all those who visit us and that could surprise those who stand on the street.

The gallery on Paris Street is a space with few elements but all those that we want are very impressive. Therefore, we decided to change the willow at the entrance by a large olive tree painted fluorescent pink visible from the street both day and night. Together with him, and thanks to the collaboration with Miquel Alzueta Gallery, it was decided to give life to the fantastic and magical world of superheroes of Edgar Plans, through two large works (150 x 180 cm).

 | The Room Studio
 | The Room Studio
 | The Room Studio

Color is the way to give life to the inert, but at the same time it is the way to create positive emotions and to exalt the beauty of each one of the materials that we select. Along with the explosion of color of the entrance, it has been preferred to keep the forms in the interior, exhibiting two exceptional works in shape and geometry in measures of 160 x 160 cm by Antonio Gonzalez and Maria Yelletisch, which enjoy a great visual force, which seduce and accompany these ancient vessels of Danish natural wood. The rug is from The Rug Company for BSB. On the wall, we find a double wall lamp Gras model of DCW, and next to it the Neva Lounge model armchair of Artisan.

Now, the king is the patio or the terrace. Although they do not want it, these spaces become by this time the great witnesses of the great and delicious moments. Its open space, its freshness and at the same time its great versatility has allowed us to create a place full of joy, magic and surrounded by nature that refreshes the warm temperatures that accompany us these days.

The cushions in pink and yellow colors of Pepe Peñalver combined with the table and the Basket armchair of Kettal They offer a modern and relaxed atmosphere, at the same time that they invite us to stop and enjoy all the little moments that take place in our Gallery Store. In front of this space and in order to reinforce that freshness we find a corner full of nature that takes us to an authentic urban oasis capable of deepening the dreams of those who wish to escape from the city.

Our “Espai París” shines … and we are waiting for you with a lot of love to enjoy it with all of you!


Author: Meritxell Ribé