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Interview with Sol Fàbrega | The Room Studio


Interview with Sol Fàbrega


“In the end we don’t talk about paintings, we talk about emotions”, this is how Sol Fàbrega defines her work, the artist of the last exhibition at Espai París entitled “La casa buida. On the other side of the room”. At this stage of her career, Sol experiments with the use of bright complementary colors, as well as different artistic resources such as the stacking of pieces and circumferences. It is a living work, which has an infinite number of interpretations, since each person receives art in a different way. According to the artist, the work is an intimate look at everyday life, focusing on the passage of time. 14 paintings that transmit Sol Fàbrega’s vision through painting. Once the work is introduced into the space, we see how it dialogues with it, transforming it and filling it with color. Works that communicate with each other, even without having been painted together, something surprising and exciting at the same time. Sol is pure passion, energy, elegance and knowledge. Do you want to discover everything he has told us about his work and the exhibition at Espai París? Don’t miss the video interview!

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Author: Meritxell Ribé