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Interview with Mauricio Fuertes | The Room Studio


Interview with Mauricio Fuertes


Mauricio Fuertes, a vocation photographer and a great lover of climbing in his spare time. Interiors and architecture have always been one of their professional choices. Today we know more about this artist whose work we can see exhibited as of this Thursday, November 21 in our Gallery Store Espai Paris. Can you come with us?

  • When your life changed and you started to devote yourself completely to photography? I remember the moment, but it is part of the past and I prefer to leave it where it is… Let’s say I reached a point in my life where I didn’t want to live in a demanding and super-accelerated way, where everything was measured in economic terms and immediate results.
  • What do you want to express through your photographs? I don’t know if I try to express something concrete. I like to create images, ephemeral scenes that convey sensations and do not leave you indifferent.
  • What should a good photograph convey? A photograph should convey feelings to the enjoyment of the viewer, in the end the important thing is that they do not leave you indifferent.
  • What has been the work or photographic project that has most influenced in your career? Honestly I think that it hasn’t arrived yet. I have it clear in my mind. Many of the images, locations and models are already clear to me … At some point, yet to come, I will look for time and motivation and I am sure it will be the most serious project of my professional life.
  • When you look through the camera, what do you look first? In nothing in particular. I preview the image in my mind before, I leave nothing or almost nothing to chance.
  • How do you think the world of photography has changed with the digital era and editing programs like PhotoshopI think that the digital age in which we are is an evolution, like everything in life, for good in somethings and not in others.
  • Which photographers do you admire or who have influenced you? Galen Rowell undoubtedly, ¡¡¡the wizard of light!!!
  • What is your favorite picture?What a difficult question… There are too many authors with spectacular works.
  • What is your biggest photographic challenge? Probably the biggest photographic challenge is to live from photography professionally. That is undoubtedly a challenge in an era where conscientious and professional work is not valued. Today’s society wants immediacy and, for that, they sacrifice quality.
  • What advice would you give to someone who is entering the world of photography? My clearest advice would be to have a good time and enjoy it.

Many thanks to Mauricio Fuertes for letting us know more about his personal and professional career. We are very happy to open the new Darkness series and share it with all of you. In addition, we want to thank Fuertes for the trust placed in The Room Studio and we hope he continues to inspire us through his images.

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Author: Meritxell Ribé