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A loft of 80 m2 and a lot of height! | The Room Studio


A loft of 80 m2 and a lot of height!


In this small apartment about 15 years old and located in the area of Les Corts, all spaces were redistributed and was made a complete decoration project. This loft of 80 m2 and a lot of height, has everything dreamed and was studied all its corners to the smallest detail. It was used the height to make a double floor and make the maximum of the house.

It was started from a ground floor, almost without light and a poorly spiral stairs. To improve the brightness, we worked on the warmth of direct and indirect light. Natural woods and neutral colors were chosen and also were added colorful pieces with a masculine touch.

The first floor was made of iron and wood and it was decided to paint it white to give more sensation of luminosity. A vinyl parquet was placed to absorb the water and noise, so the steps would not be heard. The ground floor was made in smooth microcement, to generate a vision of amplitude in the area. This material was also used in the sofa made to measure, with a capacity of 15 people and with some cushions in different colors designed by the studio are placed.

Its owner sought to add elements for the entertainment moments and areas for their guests. For this reason, a beautiful football table was incorporated according to the decoration of the house and large TV screens on both floors. It is possible to incorporate in the decoration of our home elements for entertainment, it is important to follow the same style and integrate them as one more piece of the house. A cinema screen with overhead projector was added, which allowed to see it both from the bedroom and from the whirlpool; and other large screen in the living room.

The open kitchen was integrated into the living room, where were placed a round dining table and some chairs. It is the perfect corner where you can cook with friends and without the feeling of not being part of the conversation. On the small kitchen, were added a couple of stools to enjoy while cooking.

Finally, the small apartment was equipped with a smart system to achieve the maximum well-being. The use of this technology allowed light control of scenes, centralization and control of blinds, climate control, audiovisual… interacting with the owner and making his experience in the loft much more comfortable.

Next, we leave you some images of the loft to inspire you if you have thought of designing one. We hope you enjoyed it!

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Author: Meritxell Ribé