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Design of areas to rest and disconnect | The Room Studio


Design of areas to rest and disconnect


Having spaces in the home destined for disconnection is paramount. Places of peace where we can read, listen to music, relax, even take a nap. We are very supportive of this type of corners, as we call them, that go according to the personalities of the owners of the houses and their hobbies.

We must distribute the space with the minimum of possible elements, simply those with which we will enjoy that area: books, musical instruments, films or simply a good company. Mainly, natural wood becomes a great protagonist where it is combined with other materials that will also give play to the scene.

Soft and neutral colors that give us a visual tranquility that is transmitted to the rest of the body. Furniture with simple and organic lines, soft materials and touches and shapes that fit our ergonomics. We must choose pieces in which we feel good and comfortable.

To design this type of areas, it is good to choose a light lighting that incites comfort. Accompanying these spaces with floor lamps is always the best option, it is not necessary to recharge the environment with spotlights on the ceiling. We can also add some point of light on some pieces of furniture that will give a warmer air to the enviromnent.

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In this case, the textile complements become the strong point of the space: cushions, carpets, curtains, blankets. Elements such as candle holders, candlesticks, frames, plants and books will help to give personality to the environment and create a relaxing atmosphere.

In The Room Studio we like to create these corners according to the hobbies of the owners and that it becomes a place that will have a special and relaxing use. We incorporate the style of the house to each space so that everything keep the same dialogue and harmony.

To finish with today’s post, we show you some inspiring images that some of our project. Each one is different and versatile according to the clients. We hope you enjoy it!
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Author: Meritxell Ribé