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Why should you decorate the corners of your home with plants? | The Room Studio


Why should you decorate the corners of your home with plants?


Not sure if you should invest in decorating your interior with plants? We say yes! Surrounding yourself with plants not only adds decorative value to empty corners but also fills spaces that really need it with style and life.

We want to tell you why and which plants to use depending on the needs of your interior.

The first and most important point is that plants help us to regenerate the oxygen in our home, making the air purer and CO2 levels considerably lower.

Secondly, plants humidify the atmosphere and bring freshness and color. It is important to take care of them so that they do not die and create an untidy and unpleasant environment.

The third reason to include these creatures in our home is that they provide relaxation and a calm and peaceful atmosphere. Thanks to their bright colors and beauty, they give us a feeling of comfort and stability.

Finally, decorating study rooms with plants increases concentration, also because of all of the above, but above all because of the feeling of peace and the levels of oxygen brought to the space.

 | The Room Studio
 | The Room Studio

In decorative terms, decorating with plants and their respective pots makes the blind spots in our home take center stage. Although we must bear in mind that it is important to place them in spaces with natural light.

They are perfect allies to combine with furniture and other decorative elements, making the choice very personal and adding character to the room where you place them.

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 | The Room Studio

We hope we have given you some good advice on how to decorate your space with plants. And remember, if you are thinking of buying any piece of design you can contact us at

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Author: Irene Rodriguez