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BSB Alfombras in Modern Times | The Room Studio

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BSB Alfombras in Modern Times


In today’s post we introduce you to one of the collaborators of our space ‘Modern Times’ and with whom we work a lot in The Room Studio. A brand that has brought great value to the office created and that has perfectly captured the concept and essence of this year’s goal. BSB Alfombras presents itself for the first time at Casa Decor and, in this project, it does so hand in hand with and represented by the Dutch firm Best Wood Carpets, which it distributes exclusively.

Best Wood Carpets is considered to be one of the best carpet brands in the world with a category far superior to its competition. They work with genuine and honest natural products for people who really appreciate quality. That’s why they use only 100% New Zealand wool, which they define as affordable and suitable for any interior. In this new edition, we have been able to incorporate it into ‘Modern Times’ thanks to the firm BSB Alfombras. This brand, with more than 25 years of experience and a benchmark in high decoration, is in constant search of trends and the use of various technologies for the design of modern, traditional, Persian, oriental rugs, kilims, tapestries and carpets.

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For the 56th edition of Casa Decor, BSB Alfombras is present in the space through the carpet exposed throughout the flooring area. It is a very representative piece that will cover the entire floor and will go up the walls in a curved shape between 20-30 cm. This will accentuate the user’s feeling of being cosy and comfortable in this environment. In addition, it has been placed on a foam that makes the footprint very pleasant and comfortable, creating a unique sensation.

If you haven’t yet come to visit ‘Modern Times’, we are waiting for you on the 4th floor of the “Casa Tomás Allende” building in the GIRA space. We are waiting for you!

Author: Meritxell Ribé