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A very special event: exhibition of Pati Baztán


Last Thursday June 16 we celebrated at the Gallery Store, the presentation of Pati Baztán’s art collection as the closing of our participation, one more year, in the Barcelona Design Week. With the good weather and sunshine, there was a great desire to meet up with friends for a glass of wine or a cool beer accompanied by good music and art, lots of art.

Pati Baztan’s work of abstract expressionism does not seek to mean anything, but rather seeks emotion far from aesthetics or realism. Her paintings, a mixture of different elements such as pigments, water, cotton and silk threads, are an exploration and experimentation of the artist herself.

Guests were able to enjoy a guided tour of the space with the artist herself, who explained her collection in great detail, accompanied by the best sparkling wine in Barcelona, Born Rosé, as well as the refreshing beer Alhambra. As icing on the cake, one of Pati Baztán’s works was raffled off.

Do you want to know all the details of the event? Don’t miss the video summary of this special day.

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Author: Meritxell Ribé