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1st Edition of The Room Chats


Last Thursday, May 30th, we had the pleasure presenting the first edition of The Room Chats in our office, Espai París. It is a new event that features a round table discussion with distinguished professionals in the sector. The discussion comprises a friendly and dynamic debate in which participants exchange various points of view on the chosen theme.

In this first event the central theme was ‘Environmental sensitivity in construction. The aim was to talk about the alternatives and possible solutions to the environmental impact made by the construction industry. The round-table participants comprised several recognized professionals within the architecture world: Miquel Lacomba of Miquel Lacomba ArquitectsJosep Puigdomènech of The Room StudioFrancesc de Paula of Mano de Santo ArquitectosMarc Alventosa and Xavier Morell of Alventosa Morell Arquitectes.

We want to thank these speakers for participating and we would especially like to thank Gira for helping us host this event. We also had the pleasure of working with Recaredo, as well as Thomas Edison, who provided the audiovisuals.

We are very happy to share this event with all of you through a selection of photos from the evening. Enjoy, and see you at future editions of The Room Chats!

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Author: Meritxell Ribé